Why an Academy of English for Project Management?

With the globalization and expansion of multinational corporations and the rapid growth of digital transactions and interconnectivity, global projects, the ones that utilize resources and team members who are based in multiple countries around the world, have become increasingly common in recent times. Thus, in global projects, project managers are often collaborating with and managing team members that speak a different language, so English has become an essential tool because it maintains its dominance, moving from “a marker of the elite” over past years to “a basic skill” needed for the entire workforce.

Organization of the Academy of English for Project Management

The Academy of English for Project Management is a Unit inside the Vice presidency of Education of PMI® Lima Chapter.

The Academy of English for Project Management offers 5 programs for PMI® Lima Chapter members who are able to speak English at an upper intermediate level.

Conversation Program

The Conversation Program has 3 courses divided into 2 levels:


This level has 2 courses Essentials 1 and 2 where participants learn and use project management terminology in English answering discussion questions in small groups. The principal reference at this level is the latest edition of the PMBOK® Guide covering the following topics:


This level has just 1 course but every edition is different because the principal references are the latest edition of PM Network® and the Project Management Journal®, so discussions in small groups are around trending topics on project management. Thus, participants improve their English communication skills and update their knowledge on project management.

Alumni: Closed LinkedIn Group

Participants that approve any of the conversation courses are included as part of the Alumni of the Academy of English for Project Management, a closed LinkedIn Group for sharing project management resources in English and keeping in touch.

Alumni: Coffee Talks

Networking activities for members of the Alumni of the Academy of English for Project Management.

Webinars in English

Guest International Speakers that share their experience or trending topics in project management.

Courses on Demand in English

According to members’ needs or requirements of Communities of Practice, the Academy of English for Project Management prepares specialized courses in English.

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